El video más emotivo del mundo

Hoy me he encontrado con un video que me ha emocionado. De forma inesperada, este joven tuvo que tomar la decisión más importante de su vida: decidir si quería que los médicos intentarán revivir a su madre o simplemente dejarla morir sin sufrimiento. Fue entonces cuando se dio cuenta que hasta ese momento nunca antes le había dicho lo mucho que la quería o que estaba tan agradecido por haberle enseñado tantas cosas.

On September 30th 2008,

When the doctor came in and he just said my mom had a cardiac arrest. They told me that I had to make a decision, they said “We can do: a) We can try to revive her but we’ll probably break every bone in her body and she’s feeling all the pain or b) You know, we’ll just let life take it’s course and you know, we’ll let her pass in peace.” So frantically I had a minute to decide what I had to decide either life or this… I was told to not let the decision I was going to make at that moment haunt me for the rest of my life, so I made the decision to let her go.

I remember, I just laid at her side and I was just weeping like crazy. I told her everything I was greatful for, I told her thank you so much for how you raised me as a little boy, and the sad thing about it is, that was the only time I did it. I never did it before. I never told my mom how much I loved her. I never told her anything, until that moment.

After that, I kissed her and I said goodbye. I went inside the waiting room. I heard all these noises again but no pitter-patter of the feet, no nothing. I looked up and I said, “Is it over?” and he said “yeah, it’s over.”

For the rest of my life, she’s going to always be in the back of my mind. She taught me how to be the man I am today, how to love, how to be real.

Live simply so other people can simply live.

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